How to Fix Netflix Error M7703-1003


Now, we’ll look at how to fix significant errors like Netflix issue M7703-1003 while viewing Netflix in this article. Many customers have encountered the Netflix error code “M7703-1003” when attempting to open the service.

Additionally, Netflix has acknowledged this inaccuracy. As a result, Netflix has a document on their website addressing this problem. This paper contains some recommendations for avoiding the error number M7703-1003.

Netflix discovered the cause of the problem, which includes the following factors:


1. It’s possible that the browser you’re using needs to be updated.

2. The site was not allowed to open or access due to the browser’s security settings that you preserved.

However, error codes might be caused by a variety of factors. There are a couple of reasons behind this. So, tell us what’s causing Netflix’s error.

What is the ‘M7703-1003’ Netflix Error?

This error code has been reported by the majority of Windows and Linux users while browsing Netflix. Netflix issue M7703-1003 is caused by the following factors, according to user reports:

1. The error can be caused by the Widevine addon on Google Chrome for Netflix.

2. Because of Google Chrome’s faulty modules.

3. Because of a compromised Google Chrome profile.

Let us know what you can do to avoid Netflix’s error code M7703-1003. Before you do that, make sure your browser is connected to the internet.

1. Checking the Widevine Content Decryption Module 

Widevine is a digital component in the management of Google Chrome’s rights. It can be used to protect and secure Google Chrome’s licence distribution. It can also secure video playback in the browser.

It can also protect the module from becoming obsolete. Follow the steps outlined below to test the Widevine Content Decryption Module:

Step 1: Go to Google Chrome.

Step 2: In the search bar, write “chrome:/components/” and then press the search button.

Step 3: Now scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Next, look for the ‘Widevine Content Decryption Module.’

Step 5: Select the option under it. Keep an eye out for new information.

Step 6: If any updates are available, install them.

Step 7: Once you’ve finished, reboot your computer to apply the modifications.

Step 8: Go to the Netflix website.

Your problem should now be addressed.

2. Removing Chrome Configurations

If Widevine is performing as expected, you should attempt this solution. You must clear the chrome configurations in this solution.

Also, keep in mind that deleting Chrome Configurations deletes your entire Chrome history and cache. So, to avoid the Netflix issue, follow the steps outlined below. M7703-1003 – M7703-1003 – M7703-1003 –

Step 1: Copy the existing Chrome configurations to a location that is easily accessible.

If something goes wrong during the implementation of this method, it can be used to restore it.

Step 2: Next, go to Chrome’s settings.

Step 3: Select More tools from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select Clear browsing data from the menu.

Step 5: You must delete all history, therefore choose All Time as the time range.

 3. Applying a Different Profile

If the techniques listed above don’t work to fix Netflix problem M7703-1003, try this simple solution. You may lose all info from the old chrome profile if you use this way. So, before creating a new profile, double-check that your profile settings are saved against the Gmail account you’re presently using.

After moving to a new profile, it may be beneficial to restore all data from the old profile. After that, follow the instructions below to create a new profile –

Step 1: Go to the Taskbar in Chrome.

Step 2: Select the Profile icon from the drop-down menu.

Your Profile options will now show.

Step 3: Select Turn off from the drop-down menu next to Sync.

Step 4: If a new window appears, select the Manage other people option.

Step 5: After that, select the Add Person option.

Step 6: Now you’ll need to make a new profile.

Step 7: Log out of your current profile after creating a new one.

Step 8: Open Chrome and log in as a new user.

Your issue should now be addressed. For confirmation, go to the Netflix website.


The solutions given above are correct, and you can confidently implement them. I hope the preceding procedures are clear to all of you. In addition, the users have advised the procedures listed above. These techniques are explained in easy steps and terminology.