YouTube Dark Mode: How to Enable Dark Mode in the YouTube

How to
How to

YouTube is widely utilised around the world. According to the findings of the study, there are more YouTubers than those who watch videos on YouTube. Can YouTube make money? is one of the most often asked questions in today’s globe.

Yes, they do contribute money, but commercials play a significant role in YouTube, and they also provide money to viewers when they reach a certain amount of subscribers and views. The following is a list of new YouTube features. These are some of the most recent YouTube features.

How to
How to

On YouTube, there are a lot of spam comments. YouTube’s commenting system has now been upgraded. In the video, there are no rubbish or phoney comments. If it’s present, you may render all of the comments at the video’s bottom.

In each country, YouTube has a new plan (paid services), which costs 109 rupees for a month in India. This feature allows you to watch select of YouTube’s premium videos before other viewers who do not pay for the service.

You can use this functionality to publish 360-degree videos. Which has been captured on GoPro and drone-based cameras. This feature is well-liked by the audience.

YouTube, more than any other video-sharing network, is one of the most mobile-friendly. They boost the app’s quality and provide multifunctional functions, in addition to smoothing the YouTube frontend.

YouTube Dark Mode

It is one of the most engaging qualities that draws in a large number of viewers. This feature is well-liked by the audience. While this feature has many benefits, here are a few:

It conserves the battery life of mobile devices.
People became irritated as a result of using several phones, although this dark mode has a lower influence on your eyes.
Using the black theme mode is more thrilling and noticeable than using the usual mode.

Unfortunately, the majority of the audience is unaware of how to enable the dark mode features. Here, regardless of your mobile version (IOS/Android), I’ll show you some basic procedures that led to the YouTube Dark Mode being enabled in your mobile and online.

User of Android

We’ll start by enabling dark mode in Android; I’ll show you how to do it in a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open YouTube on your phone and select your YouTube account from the upper right corner.

Step 2: Then, in the profile option, tap on the 2nd last column, setting, Menu appears in the display, and select the first option general.

Step 3: Select the dark mode under the appearance option.

Make sure you’re signed in to YouTube before proceeding with the rest of the instructions.

iPhone/iPad User

The procedures are slightly different for IOS users. Here are some ways to enable YouTube’s dark theme mode:

Make sure to download YouTube from the App Store before proceeding with the steps.

Step 1: Open YouTube on your phone and select your YouTube account from the upper right corner.

Step 2: Next, go to settings and make sure the dark mode is turned on.

Step 3: Regardless of the user’s signing status, the IOS user has the ability to enable dark mode, however the Android user does not.

Step 4: To use the dark mode, go to the profile area of the settings and select the dark mode option.

I hope you enjoy using the dark mode on your iPhone or iPad.

User of the Internet

The steps are slightly different for Web users. To enable the dark theme on YouTube, follow these steps:

This approach necessitates a YouTube sign-in, so be sure to do so.

Step 1: Press the window button and type the desired internet browser into the search dialogue box.

Step 2: Open a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari, or UC Browser.

Step 3: Type YouTube into the search engine and hit enter.

Step 4: Select the upper right profile section from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Next, go to settings and activate the dark mode on the general tap.


I hope you appreciate YouTube Dark Mode theme option and that all of the steps work on different platforms (Android, iOS, and PC).